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From Children and Young People Now. 16th September 2010

Sheffield City Council’s package of £2m of cuts will hit the most vulnerable young people, according to Unite’s Community and Youth Workers’ members.

The union is currently consulting with management to reduce compulsory redundancies at Sheffield Futures, which provides the youth service and Connexions service for Sheffield City Council. Ninety-five out of 360 jobs are at risk.

Unite official Harriet Eisner said: “These cuts are going to hit highly skilled youth workers and Connexions workers in Sheffield. They are also going to do untold damage to Sheffield’s communities in the future by cutting a vital frontline service to the youth of today.

“The real price will be paid by those young people we could be helping for generations to come. Sheffield families and communities who value the work are already coming to us expressing their fears for the future.”

Sheffield Futures helps young people into training and into work. They also work closely with vulnerable young people, providing support to them with health, developmental and social problems…..

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From the BBC. 22nd August 2010.

A charity which houses homeless 16 to 25-year-olds is losing its council funding after being told it was not offering the required level of support.

“Cirencester Housing for Young People is losing its £116,000-a-year grant from Gloucestershire County Council.

It is also losing the lease on one of its three houses, which is held by Cotswold District Council.

A charity spokeswoman said she was saddened and worried about the future of homeless youngsters in the area.

Vice-chairman Sandy Price said she felt the service was being punished for offering pastoral support in addition to housing, which was not part of their contract.

‘Too caring’

“These aren’t just young homeless people, but they are youngsters who have come from backgrounds where there is alcohol or drug abuse. Some of them have severe learning difficulties or mental health issues.

“We’ve done our best to care and look after them and now we’ve been told that we’re not fulfilling our contract because we’re doing too much.”” ….

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From the Runcorn and Widnes World. 7th September 2010.

“SEVERE cuts in Government grants of £6.8 million from this year’s spending have forced Halton Council to axe 41 jobs and slash services.

Councillors unanimously approved an amended budget at an extra-ordinary meeting in Runcorn Town Hall last week.

Vulnerable teenagers, low income families, children in care, mentally ill youngsters, victims of crime and domestic violence and young people suffering drug and alcohol misuse will be hit by the loss of funding.

Council leader, Clr Rob Polhill, now fears further coalition cuts of up to £15 million a year for the next three years could have a more devastating impact on the local community.

He said: “This is absolutely unprecedented.

“Halton, which is a deprived community is bearing the brunt of these cuts.

“We have taken a bigger hit than many other areas. It is totally unfair and a worry for us.

“We are under no illusion, services will suffer.”

Halton has lost £17.09 per head, more than double the national average of £8.75.

The loss of £601,379, allocated to Halton as one of the most deprived areas, means schemes to tackle teenage pregancies, domestic violence and anti-social behaviour will be cut.

Counselling and care for children and young people with mental health lost £50,000….”

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From the Oxford Mail. 13th August 2010.

“TOP mental health consultants have voiced “grave concerns” about proposed cuts to mental health services in Oxfordshire in a letter leaked to the Oxford Mail.

About £5.3m worth of service cuts are being planned to hit Oxfordshire, which could result in a 19 per cent reduction in frontline and administration staff.

A document passed to the Oxford Mail showed the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health (OBMH) trust plans to make the savings by 2014.

It cares for around 14,000 Oxfordshire people with mental health conditions and many patients and families have spoken of their worry at the changes.

Now a letter sent anonymously, but signed on behalf of six key mental health consultants, has outlined serious worries about cuts to front line staff, home visits and risk to patient care.

It warned: “As a 19 per cent reduction in staff and a major reconfiguration of the service are both independently potential sources of risk to patient safety, patient outcomes and untreated morbidity we view these as substantial and controversial changes…..”

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