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From Tewkesbury AdMag 23rd September 2010

THOUSANDS of vulnerable people throughout the Vale and across Worcestershire could be left to fend for themselves if Government cuts to housing budgets become a reality.

Women fleeing domestic violence, pensioners who rely on home-help support and people with mental health problems are expected to be among the worst affected as the National Housing Federation announced that, under instruction from the Treasury, it was preparing for cutbacks of up to 40 per cent….

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From the BBC. 22nd August 2010.

A charity which houses homeless 16 to 25-year-olds is losing its council funding after being told it was not offering the required level of support.

“Cirencester Housing for Young People is losing its £116,000-a-year grant from Gloucestershire County Council.

It is also losing the lease on one of its three houses, which is held by Cotswold District Council.

A charity spokeswoman said she was saddened and worried about the future of homeless youngsters in the area.

Vice-chairman Sandy Price said she felt the service was being punished for offering pastoral support in addition to housing, which was not part of their contract.

‘Too caring’

“These aren’t just young homeless people, but they are youngsters who have come from backgrounds where there is alcohol or drug abuse. Some of them have severe learning difficulties or mental health issues.

“We’ve done our best to care and look after them and now we’ve been told that we’re not fulfilling our contract because we’re doing too much.”” ….

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