From the Swindon Advertiser. 27th August 2010.

“DAD Leslie Lancett is calling on the people of Swindon to have their say on the council cuts, after it was revealed that his daughter’s day care unit is on the hit list of cuts.

Mr Lancett, 72, of Toothill, has spoken out after the Adver revealed yesterday that only 18 people, or 0.01 per cent of the town’s 200,000 residents, have so far commented on the budget consultation.

His daughter Jolene, 33, who suffers from severe learning disabilities, has been attending the One Step Ahead day care centre in South Marston, for 14 years.

She spends four days a week at the centre, taking part in a number of activities including swimming, dancing and gardening.

Mr Lancett said: “They are all so happy at the centre, so secure and they have all progressed.

“It is their life, they can’t possibly take it away from them, if they did, they would regress so much.

“Jolene is comfortable in the company of similarly disabled people. She is not judged by them or the staff as she is by society and her individual special needs have been well catered for in a friendly and encouraging way.”

If the centre is closed when the council makes a decision in October, Mr Lancett said he would be left with no other option, but to give up his job as a shopkeeper in Chippenham to help care for his daughter.

“I would have to give up work and so would so many other people,” he said.”…….

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